Use Google Analytics to Design Your Mobile Site

With mobile and tablet browsing winning huge terrain in 2012 and no signs of slowing down, mobile becomes a key conversion channel. In order to get all the benefits testing and optimizing landing pages and order flows for the most used mobile devices is not an option, but a must.

Do you already have a mobile site ? If not, make sure you have Google Analytics or another Web Analytics tool installed and take a look at the mobile section of your Analytics reports. It provides you with a wealth of information you can use to design your mobile site. For example:

  • Share of mobile vs non-mobile (mobile probably claims between 5 and 25% of your traffic!)
  • Conversion metrics (how many mobile visitors do already convert on your site?)
  • Interest (which pages do they visit?)

These three resources I recommend reading to broaden your understanding of the importance of mobile sites and how to design them:

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