Top 20 Google Analytics Blogs in 2015

Last updated: February 13, 2015

Are you just starting out with Google Analytics? Or are you one of those so called “experts”?

No matter to which group you belong, there’s always room to improve your web analytics skills!

Google Analytics Blogs

I have collected a brand new list of 20 Google Analytics blogs that might be useful to add to your analytics reading list.

Background Google Analytics Blogs List

I have intensively worked with Google Analytics and several other analytics products since 2007.

During this period I have read through dozens of books, blogs and watched many videos in the online marketing landscape. This all with a special focus on web analytics and SEO.

By doing this I have rapidly improved my web analytics skills and analytics career.

I keep on learning every day. And I suggest you should do the same!

There are so many great blogs out there and most of them don’t solely concentrate on Google Analytics. Very often they include web analytics, SEO and conversion optimization topics as well.

I hope that this list includes some gems for you. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, you will reap the benefits of reading and interacting with them.

I have only included blogs that still publish on a regular basis. Sorry for those who were great in the past, but didn’t publish over the last few months.

The analytics blogs are listed below on alphabetic order. It depends on your current level and interest which Google Analytics blogs are the best for you.

One last remark, for each blog I have included:

  1. Brief introductory information.
  2. Blog focus.
  3. Level of difficulty.
  4. An image and link to the Google Analytics blog secton.

1. Analytics Ninja

He doesn’t write every single week, but his content is very in-depth and actionable! That’s why Yehoshua Coren should be on every top Google Analytics blog list.

Yehoshua is the proud founder of Analytics Ninja LLC. His blog is a must read, especially if you want to move from easy tutorials into the next phase of Analytics.

He doesn’t have a regular posting schedule, so just subscribe to his feed, list or whatever method you prefer to keep in touch!

Blog focus: Google Analytics.

Level of difficulty: intermediate to expert.

Analytics Ninja

2. Analytics Pros

Caleb Whitmore is the founder of Analytics Pros and this organization is running a great web analytics blog. One part of their blog is devoted to technical and business articles around Google Analytics.

If you like to equip yourself with good knowledge on a diverse set of topics, I recommend to follow their blog.

Blog focus: web analytics, technical and business topics.

Level of difficulty: beginner to intermediate.

Analytics Pros

3. Analytics Talk

Justin Cutroni is running one of the popular Google Analytics blogs you want to include in your list. He doesn’t publish that often, but his posts are of very high-quality and full of great insights.

Blog focus: solely on Google Analytics, technical and business side.

Level of difficulty: intermediate to expert.

Analytics Talk Blog

4. Annielytics

Annie Cushing, also known as Annielytics, shares her tremendous knowledge on data visualization, analytics and Excel related topics on her blog.

Although her blog’s focus might not be primarily on Google Analytics related topics, her tips are awesome. That’s why I have included her blog in this post. A must read if you ask me.

Blog focus: analytics, SEO and Excel.

Level of difficulty: intermediate to expert.

Annielytics Blog

5. Blast Analytics & Marketing

This company is already in the game since 1999. With a great team of online professionals they consult Fortune 1000 companies, health care organizations, non-profits and tech start-ups.

The number of articles produced on their blog is limited. However, I have derived some great insights from there!

Blog focus: analytics, online marketing and SEO.

Level of difficulty: beginner to intermediate.

Blast Analytics & Marketing Blog

6. Cardinal Path

A real “Analytics” name in the field. Their blog perfectly suits their purpose:
To know. To share. To be our partners’ competitive advantage.”

What do I need to say more?

On average they post 1 to 2 new articles per week.

Blog focus: analytics.

Level of difficulty: beginner to intermediate.

Cardinal Path Blog

7. E-Nor

Feras Alhlou is president of this fully dedicated analytics company. With their headquarter based in Santa Clara (heart of Silicon Valley), they advise world’s most known brands.

A few of their clients include: Ebay, Sony, P&G, Oakley and Linkedin. Not the least if you ask me!

Their blog is filled with great articles.

Blog focus: analytics.

Level of difficulty: beginner to intermediate.

E-Nor Blog

8. Jeffalytics

Jeff Sauer is the owner and writer on He loves to share his knowledge and passion for online marketing. This is something you will directly notice when reading his posts.

Although he doesn’t publish that often about Google Analytics related topics, I highly recommend to put his blog on your list.

Blog focus: analytics.

Level of difficulty: beginner to intermediate.


9. KISSmetrics

Neil Patel, co-founder of KISSmetrics, helped KISSmetrics’ blog experience a tremendous growth over the last few years.

Currently they produce a good mix of easy starting and in-depth blog articles on a wide range of online marketing aspects.

Blog focus: analytics, marketing and testing.

Level of difficulty: beginner to intermediate.

KISSmetrics Blog

10. Koozai

This London-based company might not be on your list (yet)!

I feel that they do a tremendous job by sharing great knowledge and winning the market’s attention.

Their blog is definitely a pearl. You will find new posts on a wide range of online marketing topics. And they post almost every single day. They know how to entertain, educate and persuade their audience.

Blog focus: from SEO, social and paid search to analytics and conversion optimization.

Level of difficulty: beginner to expert.

Koozai Blog

11. Loves Data

Who doesn’t know this company from their hilarious YouTube video about Universal Analytics?

This online marketing and digital analytics agency produces great insightful posts every now and then.

Blog focus: digital and web analytics.

Level of difficulty: beginner to intermediate.

Loves Data Blog

12. LunaMetrics

Another must-know Analytics name with their CEO and owner Robbin Steif.

They are really a “Google” company: in-depth knowledge and experience in Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

Blog focus: analytics, paid search and SEO.

Level of difficulty: beginner to intermediate.

LunaMetrics Blog

13. Measuring Success

Brian Clifton is the founder of this blog. Recognised internationally as a Google Analytics expert, he writes about a wide range of Google Analytics topics on his blog.

One side note: he may increase his frequency of posting. Hope he reads this. ;-)

Blog focus: analytics.

Level of difficulty: beginner to intermediate.

Measuring Success Blog

14. Moz, a real brand in the online marketing world.

Yes, they publish great, in-depth articles on a wide range of internet marketing topics. Not only their SEO related articles, but also their web analytics articles are great to read!

A fantastic blog to add to your list!

Blog focus: SEO, social and analytics.

Level of difficulty: intermediate to expert.

Moz Blog

15. Occam’s Razor

Well, if you are a web analyst or have some aspirations regarding this field, you should know Avinash Kaushik.

His books and analytics blog are a must-read (at least in my opinion :-)) for anyone interested in the analytics field.

Blog focus: analytics.

Level of difficulty: intermediate to expert.

Occam's Razor Blog

16. Official Google Analytics Blog

This is probably a no brainer for you. I think reading the official Google Analytics blog is quite useful if you want to stay ahead of the pack.

They publish Google Analytics updates, case studies and advanced analysis on a regular basis.

Blog focus: Google Analytics.

Level of difficulty: beginner to advanced.

Official Google Analytics Blog

17. Online Behavior

Daniel Waisberg, founder of Online Behavior, joined Google’s Analytics forces in 2013. A great win for Google.

His blog contains hundreds of insightful posts on analytics and testing topics. Many experts in the field share their knowledge on his blog.

If you are interested, here is an overview of my guest posts on

Blog focus: analytics and testing.

Level of difficulty: intermediate to expert.

Online Behavior Blog

18. Optimize Smart (formerly SEO Takeaways)

Grab a cup of coffee (or two ;-)) and take your time to read one or more of Himanshu’s in-depth SEO and Analytics articles.

In my opinion, his articles are superb, but sometimes on the long side.

You might want to read his posts two times or half of it today and the other part tomorrow.

In other words, you need your fullest attention to derive all the benefits from absorbing his deeper analytical insights.

Get some basic analytics knowledge before visiting his blog.

Blog focus: analytics and SEO.

Level of difficulty: intermediate to expert+.

Optimize Smart blog

19. Simo Ahava

Simo Ahava is the “big name” in publishing great, in-depth Google Tag Manager posts.

If you are looking for the great Google Analytics and Tag Manager combo’s, he should definitely be on your Google Analytics blog list.

His passion shines through his work.

Blog focus: Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

Level of difficulty: intermediate to expert.

Simo Ahava

20. Web Analytics World

Web Analytics World provides you with some great articles on internet marketing topics.

As the name suggests, their main focus is on web analytics. However, they have a good amount of articles on SEO and Social as well.

Blog focus: analytics, SEO and social.

Level of difficulty: beginner to intermediate.

Web Analytics World Blog

This is my top 20 Google Analytics blog list! I am sure there are more great analytics blogs out there. And I hope mine is one of them. ;-)

Do you have any favorites you like to share? Or just a general comment about how you stay ahead of the pack in the analytics world?

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  1. Paul Koks says

    Thanks for your comment Rob. I have Eric mentioned in the E-Nor category with a link to his blog. So he indirectly has two mentions. :-)
    Anil was on my shortlist (he is a great name in the field) but didn’t make it in my top 20. I feel he doesn’t post on regular times anymore. And besides that, I would expect more in-depth articles every now and then. No need to say he is a great person to work with (in the past he was one of my Analytics teachers).

    • Paul Koks says

      Hi Daniel and many thanks for your suggestions! These are great indeed! I will consider adding the first two to this list. Analytics Ninja did only add one new post in the last four months; that’s why I left that one out.

      • says

        It’s a point well taken. I don’t blog as much as I’d like to considering my current client load. I’ve posted some content here and there for other sites in 2014, but I appreciate that readers more regular content.

        • Paul Koks says

          Yeah, I can imagine that! It’s really great when you have established yourself in the Analytics market so that regular blogging would lead to a client “overload”. :-)

    • Jose says

      +1 Daniel
      I totally agree with your links. Simo is making his blog a big reference por GTM

  2. says

    Epic list you have here. You know you are on the right track with Google analytics reposts your stuff. Bookmarked and saved.

    • Paul Koks says

      Thanks for the kind words Brett! Yeah, it is incredible! I was mentioned on their GoogleAnalytics+ account a few days ago AND they Tweeted thist post last night. I should count myself lucky. :-) And of course I am very grateful for all the others who shared/liked this post.
      I am writing a story behind the blogpost and like to show the impact of this viral effect. I expect to publish this one early next week, so stay tuned!