Data-Driven SEO – Take Your SEO off of Auto-Pilot

What you bring to your company is insight, inspiration, vision. The data brings in the numbers, it brings in a lay of the land, a road map of who your customers are, what the market looks like and how your website is performing.

No matter how good your road map, you won’t get anywhere without a skilled navigator.

data driven SEO

When it comes to data-driven SEO, navigation comes down to a single basic question: how can you make your customers retained readers?

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10 Simple Ways Multivariate Testing Can Boost eCommerce Sales

Multivariate testing is the art of optimizing your conversions through experimentation with strategic design of the web page. Is testing already incorporated in your organization?

It has been statistically proven that certain combinations of design elements increase the conversion rate.

multivariate testing

It is similar to A/B split testing, but multivariate testing tends to provide more information about the most influential aspects of the design. There are a number of different multivariate test tools available. Most include what is referred to as an impact factor. The impact factor enables you to determine the sections that most affect your conversions.

In addition, A/B split testing only allows three or four versions to be tested at once while multivariate testing increases exponentially with each added variation.

A/B split testing is typically used for large scale changes such as comparing two completely different newsletters.

Multivariate testing is designed for improvements of an existing construct.

In the following paragraphs I will elaborate on 10 effective ways to use multivariate testing to boost your conversions.
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Five Challenges in Today’s Digital Analytics World

In every market and in every profession there are always challenges we need to face.

In the digital analytics world I see these challenges growing every day. What about you? Do you feel the same?

Technology becomes smarter, paid click prices are continuously on the rise and a lot of people are near their retirement age.

digital analytics challenges

In this article I will show five important challenges that we have to deal with in the digital analytics world.

Anything to add? I welcome you to get involved in the comment section.

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10 Conversion Segmentation Tips to Optimize Your Online Business

Let’s be honest. How many of you started out with a 100% focus on the overall website conversions or conversion rate?

There is nothing wrong with putting some attention on this metric, but it is not the end of the story.

Conversion segmentation is a must if you want to do great instead of just good.

conversion segmentationThere are literally hundreds of ways to segment and optimize your website conversions.

I could write a complete book on this topic… maybe in the future. :-)

In this post I will dive into 10 conversion segmentation tips you should definitely give a try!

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SEO Best Practices #4: Meta Description

How much time do you spend creating compelling meta descriptions?

Although the description is not judged as a ranking factor in SEO, it is very important to spend enough time creating them.

If used in the right way, you can improve the number of clicks from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

More than once I have tested different variations for the same page. In some situations, improving your CTR with 50 – 100% is definitely possible.

click on meta description

Enough reason to dive deeper into the world of meta descriptions.

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Top 8 Web Analytics Education Options

No matter in which industry you are working, education is and will always be important to facilitate your desired career path.

The Analytics industry is continuously evolving. That’s one of the reasons why the number of web analytics education options has grown over the last decade.

Do you invest in your knowledge and web analytics skills to stay ahead of the pack?

web analytics certification

In this article I outline eight different web analytics education and certification options worth considering.

This in addition to the blogs, books, podcasts, videos and conferences that are already on your list.
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How to Boost Your Data Insights with Secondary Dimensions

Google Analytics does have so many powerful features. Most of us have a hard time keeping up with all the possibilities that are out there.

In this post I explain the most important aspects of secondary dimensions in Google Analytics. After reading this article you will want to use them a lot!

Secondary Dimensions in Google Analytics

If you haven’t used them yet, secondary dimensions help you to put your data in context. This is really needed to gain greater insights and improve your website’s performance.

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Google Analytics Blogpost Goes Viral and Generates More Than 1.000 Shares

Are you already a blogger? Enjoying to share things you know and love?

One of the most rewarding things that could happen, is that your blogpost goes viral. Simply because of your piece of content is being appreciated and shared by people like you.

At least, that is how I feel about it. :-)

If you are not yet writing about your passion, you might want to start doing this after reading this story.

On January 28th I posted “Top 20 Google Analytics Blogs in 2014” and in the next couple of days my Social traffic really exploded.

blogpost goes viral

In this post I will share all the story details with you for three main reasons:

  • I like to say “thank you” to everyone who made this happen.
  • I like to motivate you to keep/start sharing about your passion.
  • I like to help you replicate this in your own niche.

Oh, and maybe one more. I can say I feel a bit proud and love to write about this story. :-)

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How to Analyze a Conversion Rate Drop in 8 Steps

For a lot of companies the conversion rate is one of the key metrics to monitor and optimize. Heart rates go up and down when online shop owners see their CR is dropping.

It’s important to realize that a drop is often caused because of more than one reason.

In my experience people often argue about why a conversion drop actually happens.

conversion rate drop

This article helps you to effectively analyze a conversion rate drop. Step 0, stay calm and keep on breathing! :-)

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