Strategic Guide Behind Adjusted Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Bounce rate is an important metric that gives an indication of the interaction of your visitors on your website.

If someone bounces on your website, it means this person has only visited one page and didn’t trigger an event (measured interaction) during the session.

adjusted bounce rateLike with almost every other metric, I recommend to focus on individual pages instead of your entire website.

You can’t optimize your entire website in one time, right?

In the past I already wrote a post on the bounce rate metric. After some experimentation and a few discussions with other like-minded friends, I like to explain more about Google Analytics and implementing adjusted bounce rate in GTM.

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#GAtips: Use Standard Reports to Build Powerful Custom Reports

Google Analytics offers dozens of standard reports within the GA interface. They are a great place to start, especially when you are just starting out or need a quick glance to see how your website is performing.

However, every website has it’s own needs and goals. So why not customize your reports?

In my experience you need to use the Google Analytics API and custom reports to derive the greatest value from your Google Analytics data.

Custom reports in Google Analytics

In the screenshot above you can see the tab Customization. This is where you can build your reports from scratch. The custom reports will show up on the left side; in this example there aren’t any active custom reports.

Custom reports, it may sound daunting at first.

Well, one trick might help you to get up to speed with building these reports.

Tip 7: Use Standard Reports to Build Powerful Custom Reports

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31 Insights from a Great Conference: Conversion Hotel 2014

There are many conferences each year. Unfortunately a lot of them are filled with boring, self-promoting stuff. At least that is how I feel about it. What about you? Do you have the same experience?

It can be different.

Just one week ago I attended a great conference in The Netherlands: Conversion Hotel! It was held on an island to make sure no one would dare to leave in between the sessions and parties. ;-)

The speakers, organization, audience and parties were awesome.

Watch this short intro video to get an impression of this event:

Well, if you like it so far, read on to learn a lot of cool, new things about this amazing conversion and testing field.

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#GAtips: Enhance Your Data Accuracy Within Seconds

High sampling levels in Google Analytics and low confidence levels in A/B testing. Your optimization efforts are doomed to fail if you don’t educate yourself and avoid these cases.

It’s nice if your reports load quickly, but what if this means your data isn’t reliable anymore?

This article is aimed to help you with sampling in Google Analytics. Here is an example of how sampling looks like in GA:

Sampling example

In the example above, results are based on only 22% of the total sessions. Well, I don’t like to draw conclusions on this data. What about you?

A simple, but for a lot of people unknown feature, can help you to deal with situations like these. No sampled data is the best, but sometimes – especially on websites with tons of traffic – it is hard to avoid.

Tip 6: Enhance Your Data Accuracy Within Seconds

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Six Smart Ways to Influence Your HiPPO

Within every company there are people that earn a lot of money, like to take decisions, but actually make websites and online marketing results sucks.

A lot of online marketers and web analysts have to deal with them at least one time in their carreer.


In this context I like to introduce the word “HiPPO”; in our web analytics language it stands for “Highest Paid Person’s Opinion” or “Highest Paid Person in Organization”. You know what I am talking about?! ;-)

What you can do about it? A lot actually!

Just read on to discover how to positively influence YOUR HiPPO.

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#GAtips: Forget Keywords, Focus on Landing Pages

The title might be a bit misleading, so I will make things clear right from the start. I refer to organic search keywords here.

Until today I still encounter a lot of companies who try to optimize on “what is left” after Google took our keywords away. Just don’t do this. You won’t find results that are trustworthy enough.

Happily there is more!

Tip 5: Forget Keywords, Focus on Landing Pages

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Top 10 Things to Know About Google Analytics View Filters

Google Analytics view filters are extremely useful for data segmentation purposes. However, one mistake and you could mess up all your data.

It’s easy to find examples of filters that might come in handy. Before you start to apply them in your Google Analytics account, I strongly recommend to learn more about the exact working.

analytics filters in Google Analytics

In this post I help you to understand segmentation and the working of filters so that you can better decide when and how to apply filters.

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#GAtips: Discover Content Scrapers with Hostname Report

You might have heard about pingbacks and trackbacks. Both can help to monitor and discover content scrapers. There are also plagiarism tools out there that can trace copycats online.

I have good news: Google Analytics brings the opportunity to track down content scrapers in a unique way. And the good thing is, it doesn’t cost you any money.

Tip 3: Discover content scrapers with hostname report.

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Three Steps to Turn Your Content Reports into Gold

Over the last few years a lot has been written about content reports in Google Analytics. However, a few very important aspects have barely been touched.

That’s why I have written this comprehensive, three-steps-guide you should read before you continue optimizing your content efforts.

content reportsAre you ready to take your insights to the next level? And in other words to get closer to a pile of pure gold before your competitors do? :-)

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