How to Analyze a Conversion Rate Drop in 8 Steps

For a lot of companies the conversion rate is one of the key metrics to monitor and optimize. Heart rates go up and down when online shop owners see their CR is dropping.

It’s important to realize that a drop is often caused because of more than one reason.

In my experience people often argue about why a conversion drop actually happens.

conversion rate drop

This article helps you to effectively analyze a conversion rate drop. Step 0, stay calm and keep on breathing! :-)

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Goals vs. E-Commerce Transactions in Google Analytics

Are you confused about when and how to use goals vs. e-commerce transactions?

Well, don’t worry. It is not easy at first. I have helped many organizations to apply both metrics in the right way.

There are a few important differences between them and both do have their limitations.

comparison goals vs. e-commerce

In this post I will explain everything about analytics goals vs. e-commerce transactions. And how to effectively deal with them.

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How to Overcome The 10 Most Common Google Analytics Issues

Are you unsure about your Google Analytics set up and data collection process?

Well, you are not the only one!

Using Google Analytics for reporting and optimisation purposes can be great and effective. However, I very often see companies making the same mistakes.

This can lead to dramatic outcomes for your company.

Google Analytics pitfalls

In this article I share the top 10 Google Analytics issues I encountered in the last few years.
And even more important, I help you to avoid them.

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9 Tips to Optimize Videos for Organic Search

An attractive online video can be a highly effective way of engaging potential customers, inspiring conversions and improving brand image; but how do you get it ranked highly in search results?

watch online video

I have used video for various purposes on the web, and have been pleased with the results I’ve gained. Here are my top tips for optimizing your online videos for organic search so that you can enhance your return.

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Top 10 Skills of a Great Web Analyst

Why don’t they act on the outcomes of this A/B experiment? How can I bring more meaning to the data? What presentation form will work the best? All those questions can’t be answered with one single answer. Every situation is different and that’s the beauty of working in this amazing web analytics field.

Skills of Web Analyst

Working as a Web Analyst is never easy, but always challenging!

The rise of data driven marketing asks for highly skilled Web Analysts. Are you ready to grow? Great, let’s dive into 10 skills to cultivate on your Analytics path!

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Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics Integrations

Do you like to become a Google Analytics Power User? Google Analytics offers a wide range of possibilities to integrate data from other Google and non-Google products. If applied in the correct way, you can make better informed decisions in relation to your business objectives.

Google Analytics Integrations

In this in-depth guide you will learn why and how to integrate different products with Google Analytics.

You can discover greater insights from your data when applying the tips and tricks from this Google Analytics Integrations guide.

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How to Optimize Webpage Conversions with an Explainer Video

A targeted explainer video on your landing page offers an inspiring welcome to visitors, which can retain them for longer and increase the chance of a conversion.

The use of video on websites has been recognized as valuable in engaging viewers, since text is more often scanned than read in detail.

A study in 2008, by Dr. Jakob Nielsen, principal of the Nielsen Norman Group, found that visitors to a site read no more than 28% of content on it. The more text there is on a page, the less visitors read, suggests the study.

Explainer Video

As the net becomes increasingly inundated with content, the use of video is becoming increasingly popular as a way to stand out from the noise too.

So let’s have a look at some of the important elements to consider to optimize return from your video.

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The Importance of Goal Values in Google Analytics

Are you unsure about the actual value that your website delivers? Do you want to get more insight into the performance of your organic and social channels? Google Analytics goals do a perfect job in telling you where your customers came from. However, there is more than that.

A goal without value isn’t a real goal right?

On default you will only see values reported on E-Commerce transactions. But not everybody is running an E-Commerce website and even then it is often a best practice to set up additional goal values for macro and micro goals. This article will show you why and how to set up goal values in Google Analytics.

goal values

If you need to refresh your Google Analytics goals knowledge, you might want to read my Google Analytics goals article first.

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Why to Define Macro and Micro Goals

Running an online business without clear goals in mind is like climbing Mount Everest without proper gear and training. In short, you are doomed to fail in both cases.

In this article I explain about macro and micro goal setting and why it wouldn’t be smart to concentrate on just one particular goal or conversion. Furthermore I dive into to provide you with a case study example.

Goal Setting

Are you ready to set you goals?

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Why Original Content in SEO Is The Way to Go

“Original content is king”. This is a rephrased byline from the often heard “content is king” rule in the SEO industry. Coupled with the word “original”, content writing takes on a whole new level as SEO practitioners are advised to write content fresh from scratch. Now, why does this industry have the constant emphasis on producing original content? And mind you, it has to be original and high quality content.

original content

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